Our CSA shares are full for the 2014 season.
To be placed on our CSA waiting list, visit our "Contact Us" page and let us know you would like to be included for 2015.

stands for Community Supported Agriculture--when the community in which the food is grown supports the farmers who produce it.  The goal of CSA for the provider and consumer is that the food is grown close to home so creates fewer carbon emissions to transport the food and it can be eaten closer to the time it is picked -- which means the produce is ripe, thus containing the optimal nutritional value.  Another benefit of a CSA is that the consumer knows the people growing their food which increases the accountability of the farmer to grow a valuable product and teaches the consumer a new level of responsibility to avoid wastefulness.
Further, it encourages eating in season.

Our CSA shares are available in the following designations:

    Full Share Every Week = a week's worth of in-season produce for a family of four *. This is for   
     every week. (22 weeks)
    Full Share Every Other Week = a full box of produce, but distribution is every other week.
     (11 weeks)

    Half Share Every Week = half of a full share of in-season produce for a single person or 
      couple*. Distibution every week. (22 weeks)
    Half Share Every Other Week = half of a full share of in-season produce with distribution   
     every other week. (11 weeks)
        * This estimate assumes you eat at home most nights, but aren't vegetarian.

The season runs for about 22 weeks from May through October.


To reserve one of the shares, a 50% deposit is due by February 1st and this will assure you a spot.  Then, the rest of the payment is due on or before April 1st. This gives us the operating capital necessary to buy seeds, starts, additional birds or bees, and maintain the machinery for the growing season.

If you are considering a CSA share with MiLo Acres, please contact us at milo.acres@gmail.com.   Our goal for the 2012 growing season is to have 11 CSA boxes. This goal has been met.  (If you know us, you can just talk to us and we will be happy to discuss the details.)